Unfailing Love: Rediscovering Your Worth in God's Eyes

Remember these truths when you are feeling as if you are too far gone for your relationship with Jesus Christ:

1. You are never too far gone for God
2. You are never too guilty to be declared innocent by God
3. You are never too dirty that you need to be cleaned up before accepting a relationship with Jesus
4. You are always enough for God
5. You are fearfully and wonderfully made
6.  God formed you with his hands in His image and you are absolutely perfect.  He knows every hair on your head
7. God wants your heart
8. God loves you unconditionally
9. There is no sin that can separate you from God if you repent and ask forgiveness
10. God delights in you even when you feel you’re at your worst
11. God is still writing your story and it’s a beautiful story
12. God will never leave nor forsake you

There are so many more truths that I could keep on typing here.  But I wanted to give a glimpse of the hope that we have in our God.

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