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Go Therefore And Make Disciples Of All Nations

Matthew 28:19

Bridging The Gap

The Bridging The Gap program at the Franklin County Jail is an addiction recovery program that is structured & disciplined, and that works with the local Community Services Board, Probation & Parole, Social Services and volunteers from local churches.

The curriculum includes a weekly schedule for classes in anger management, substance abuse, life skills, GED, grief counseling, and meetings with local probation officers to assist with a successful transition upon release.

My Brothers' Crossing facilitates the "Recovering Redemption" teachings three days per week at the Franklin County Jail. As of April of 2024, we are ministering to 15th group. We have also previously provided devotions to these men.

Virginia Department Of Corrections Ministry

We are routinely invited to Green Rock Correctional Center to minister at the Interdenominational, Pentecostal, and Lutheran churches. We currently go to this facility several times per month for these services as well as other events such as revivals, holiday services, and baptisms.

The movie has also been screened at Green Rock several times, as it is also available for screening at all prisons in VA DOC facilities. The book is also available in the Chaplain's Library at all VA DOC facilities. We provide financial support to the GraceInside chaplain assigned to Green Rock which supports the daily ministry to residents of this facility.

My Brothers' Crossing has also provided material support for this prison. We have provided such items as discipleship curriculum & DVDs. At the request of the counseling services with the approval of the administration, we provided a ping pong table to one of the units. This provided us with the opportunity to go into the unit to minister to the residents of that unit. They thought that they were just receiving a ping pong table. However; the love of Christ was also shown to them and spiritual seeds were planted.

In addition to serving at Green Rock, we are also invited to minister at other state correctional facilities which include Keen Mountain, Coffeewood, Patrick Henry. Currently we are awaiting approval for statewide volunteer status from the Virginia Department of Corrections. The application is actively being processed which will provide authorization to visit all Virginia Correctional Centers.

Jail Ministry

In addition to the work in the "Bridging the Gap" program at the Franklin County jail. JT & Terri-Lee are routinely invited to other local and regional jails including Henry County, Patrick County, City of Danville, Paige County, Western Virginia Regional Jail, Amherst County Adult Detention Center, and New River Valley Regional Jail.

Some of that ministry takes place virtually, and electronically through jail tablet systems. While other ministry is done in-person through Bible studies, sermons, and revival services. Previously with the approval of jail leadership, Bibles & seasonal items have been provided to the residents through our ministry.

Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos is the Greek term meaning "God's Special Time". Currently JT, Terri-Lee, and Torrey Clark serve the Kairos community that serves Green Rock Correctional Center. JT serves as the chair and Torrey serves as the secretary of the Advisory Council. Terri-Lee leads the outside support team.

Kairos weekends are offered at Green Rock twice annually. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. These are known as four day short courses which serve as the gateway to the Kairos ministry within the prison compound. Additionally, monthly union meetings are held at the prison with residents leading the two hour program and outside volunteers being present in support of the ministry work. The heart of Kairos is weekly prayer and share groups which are attended solely by residents.

During a Kairos weekend, participants engage in various activities and discussions aimed at deepening their personal relationship with God, themselves, and others. The weekend typically includes talks, small group discussions, prayer, reflection, and community-building exercises. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. The focus is on self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual renewal. At the end of the weekend, participants are invited to make a commitment to continue their spiritual journey and live out the principles they have learned during the Kairos experience.

The volunteers focus is on listen, listen, love, love. Sometimes we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ but through Kairos we are asked to be the ears and heart. Other ways to participate in the Kairos ministry is through the Kairos cookie program, place mats, and prayer vigils. Each of these are part of the four day short course.

For more information on how to be a part of Kairos Prison Ministry at Green Rock or how you can be a part of any of the areas of jail & prison ministry through My Brothers' Crossing, please contact us using the form below.

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The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women, and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.