For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

JT & Terri Lee both volunteer as chaplains for Franklin County Public Safety. They provide chaplaincy services for the first responders who go to calls for families that are in the midst of a crisis, whether it’s a sudden death, traffic fatality, overdose, structure fires, and other serious incidents.

We have the opportunity to minister to these families the are in the midst of a traumatic life altering event. We are there to be present with them and to help console them; we’re not there to preach to anyone. We are there to help them understand what the next steps are in whatever process they are going through. We are also there to answer any questions and provide emotional support, encouragement, and provide spiritual support if they request it.

Sometimes families do request prayer or spiritual support and this has led to us being asked to minister at their funeral of the person who has passed.

In addition to helping the families of those who are affected, we also provide spiritual support to first responders as they are often affected by the difficult situations that they have to respond to. We have also provided education and training for first responders.

Part of our ministry’s work has also been to give back to the Fire Station by being involved in special ceremonies like banquets and dedication of the Fire Station and different equipment that they utilize in saving lives.

Currently our service through the chaplaincy in Franklin County is limited to one 24 hour shift a week. 7 am on Thursday to 7 am on Friday.

We also serve as chaplains to the Fire Department in Warrenton, VA. While we no longer live in Warrenton, we have been asked to be available in case of a major crisis. If there is a situation where they need additional help, we are available to them in whatever capacity that they may need during a serious emergency.

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