My Brothers' Crossing

The Movie

My Brothers’ Crossing is a film based on a true story.  It is a story that involves the death of a devout couple who lived their faith.  The husband was a pastor and the couple had served as missionaries in China.  The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident is also a pastor.  The movie tells the story of the move of forgiveness by the family who lost their loved ones.  Culminating in a dramatic court room scene.  This film touches on so many themes: faith, forgiveness, obedience, salvation, race, justice, reconciliation, and healing.  The movie was filmed almost entirely on location where the real events occurred.  Roughly 90% of what is seen in the movie accurately reflects the real events.  Based on a book written by JT and Terri Lee Clark, In the Blink of an Eye: Forgiveness in Black and White. 

The movie was originally released to theaters September 3rd, 2020. Following theatrical release it was released to streaming services on October 27th, 2020. It is currently available on DVD and also is available on the following streaming platforms. The DVD includes subtitles and bonus features of a 30 minute feature where JT & Terri-Lee Clark provide insight into the story that unfolded that led the to the making of this movie.

The film was originally scheduled to be released on Easter weekend of 2020 to 900 screens nationwide. However; due to COVID theaters were being shutdown all across the country right as it was to be released. Due to the pandemic, the movie was only released to 75 screens in thirteen states with a limited audience.

The movie continues to be distributed internationally. It has been seen in such countries as Chile, Peru, U.K., Romania, Canada, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Uganda. The film was translated into various different languages for these countries, and if you are interested in having it translated into another language, please let us know.

We have routinely screened the movie at different churches, ministries, and organizations. If you are interested in having the movie screened you can request this using the form below.

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