Recovery Ministry

"For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace."

Romans 6:14

My Brother’s Crossing is deeply involved with the local Hope Centers. There are five Hope Centers in the western district of Virginia. They include the four men’s centers in Axton, Danville, Galax, and Mount Airy (which is actually located in Ararat, VA). The fifth center is the women’s center in Wytheville, VA.

JT teaches a Bible study at the Danville center every Monday morning and at the Axton center every Friday morning. This isn’t just a regular Bible study. JT is pouring into the lives of the guys who are in the first phase of the Hope Center’s recovery program who are in a very critical part of their recovery. Many of them have never had any faith walk at all and JT breaks down how scripture can be applied to everyday life situations that they often deal with early in recovery.

Terri-Lee also teaches a Bible study at the local women’s Hope Center in Wytheville, VA. She pours into the lives of the women there and even provides one on one counseling to certain women there that God has laid on her heart to mentor.

Both JT & Terri-Lee also teach several of the family support groups at the Axton Hope Center every month. Focusing on helping restore broken relationships between the residents and their families. Often in addiction people will do things that will severely affect the relationships that they have with others, and in many cases completely destroy those relationships. However; God brings all things together for the good, and he is a God of restoration. Using scripture based teachings, JT & Terri-Lee help families understand what their loved one has gone through and the important of Christ-like love, forgiveness, and restoration.

If you were to ask any of the men in one of the local Hope Centers how they arrived there; there is a good chance that they will tell you that JT was there to pick them up from jail to get them to the Hope Center. Whenever there is a need, JT always tries to make a way to ensure that anyone can get to the Hope Center at that critical time when they are ready and have made the decision to turn their lives over to God.

My Brothers’ Crossing also often provides the $700 fee to enter the Hope Center recovery program when an applicant doesn’t have the funds to pay. We want to ensure that we do anything we can to help someone have the opportunity to change their lives and it is our privilege to help serve God’s kingdom in this capacity.

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