Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

The mission of My Brothers’ Crossing is simply this…to point people to Jesus Christ.  This is most effectively accomplished through actions that align with LOVE GOD…LOVE PEOPLE!

Our mission is to go where God determines; obey when God directs; and speak what God declares.  My Brothers’ Crossing is from the ONE (Jesus Christ), for the one (those in need).  Jails, prisons, healthcare facilities, addiction treatment centers, shelters, and any other location becomes an avenue to help heal spiritually and physically; whenever and wherever the opportunities to serve hurting people present.  Where there are needs for transportation, paying treatment fees, covering shelter costs, buying food, paying utility bills, etc., every effort to assist will be considered.  Handouts must always lead to hand-ups. Exhorting churches with the Word of God and encouraging them to minister the love of Christ to the least of these will be our way of helping duplicate and expand the mission of My Brothers’ Crossing.  No one is beyond hope; therefore, no one is beyond help.

The Vision

The vision of My Brothers' Crossing is to reach one more for the Kingdom of God. Being obedient to serve and minister as led by the Holy Spirit.

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