Confronting Fear: A Testimony of Healing and Power in Prayer

Yesterday, it was brought back to my remembrance when, 28 years ago, I was at a Women's Retreat with those from the church I attended and had a physical attack from satan.  

I was sitting in a class, and they asked us to write down on our paper what it was that we feared the most.  I wrote down the words “My health.”  As I finished writing those two words, my right hand began turning blue, and the blue made its way up my arm to my shoulder.  

As a paramedic, I went after our class was over and got four baby aspirin to take.  I called my parents, who lived only 45 min from where we were spending the weekend.  My father came over to pick me up and take me to the hospital.  The ER physician who saw me seemed to think that I had a blood clot but would need vascular testing on Monday.  I begged to go back to the retreat.  The Dr. said that I could go back to the retreat if I continued taking aspirin until Monday, when I would have the vascular study done.  

When I returned to the retreat, Tracy Kakadelis had gathered the women from the church in my room.  They all laid hands on me, praying for God’s healing hand to be upon me, and rebuked satan because I told them I felt like this had to be an attack from the enemy.  

Within less than an hour after praying over me, every bit of the blue disappeared from my hand and arm.  

The attacks from Satan can manifest themselves in physical ways if he decides to hit us in a place that we fear.  

There is power in prayer.  I'm a witness over and over and over again.

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