Integrity Unseen: Doing the Right Thing When No One is Watching
by Terri-Lee Clark on June 5th, 2024
Amazingly, people are shocked when you do the right thing.  On my way home this evening, I stopped at the store, and as I rushed to get through the store, I put the milk on the bottom of the cart. As I was doing the self-checkout, I managed to overlook the milk under the cart.  As I left the grocery store, I realized I had not paid for the milk.  So, I made my way back inside, and one of the worke...  Read More
Unfailing Love: Rediscovering Your Worth in God's Eyes
by Terri-Lee Clark on June 3rd, 2024
Remember these truths when you are feeling as if you are too far gone for your relationship with Jesus Christ:1. You are never too far gone for God2. You are never too guilty to be declared innocent by God3. You are never too dirty that you need to be cleaned up before accepting a relationship with Jesus4. You are always enough for God5. You are fearfully and wonderfully made6.  God formed you wit...  Read More
Enduring Seasons: Finding Hope and Patience in Long-suffering
by Terri-Lee Clark on June 2nd, 2024
Long-suffering isn’t one of those words that I want to be part of my story.  But the reality is that we will all have a season of long-suffering.  During a season of long-suffering I have to show patience despite the troubles I am going through.  I’m so very thankful that the Bible is filled with scripture that encourages me when I feel as if I cannot endure one more second of the suffering I’m go...  Read More
Understanding God's Timing and Our Trials
by Terri-Lee Clark on June 1st, 2024
Why isn't God answering My prayers appear to be one of the questions I am asked regularly, whether I’m leading Bible study at the jail or counseling at the Hope Center to new believers.  Another question I am asked constantly is “ Why does God allow suffering?”  The other question I’ve heard that breaks my heart is, “ Why does God hate me?”  I don’t feel that any of us are alone when it comes to w...  Read More
God Is Always Good Even During The Most Difficult Times In Life
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 31st, 2024
In 2020, COVID-19 not only made it’s way across the world at record speed, but it also spread across what were our daily realities.  What we were hearing and seeing happen in the news just didn’t seem possible.  Because we were dealing with a virus that was potentially life-threatening, social distancing was necessary and cancelling gatherings as well.  It seemed as though life slammed on the brak...  Read More
Choosing Forgiveness: Overcoming Evil with Good
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 30th, 2024
Isn’t forgiveness more satisfying than revenge?  When I make the decision to seek revenge against someone, I am actually paying twice the price for the hurt that was caused.  It may seem as if it will make me feel better in the short term, but in the long term it will cost me more emotionally and spiritually than what I would ever want to pay.Our decision to forgive doesn’t let the other person of...  Read More
Confronting Fear: A Testimony of Healing and Power in Prayer
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 29th, 2024
Yesterday, it was brought back to my remembrance when, 28 years ago, I was at a Women's Retreat with those from the church I attended and had a physical attack from satan.  I was sitting in a class, and they asked us to write down on our paper what it was that we feared the most.  I wrote down the words “My health.”  As I finished writing those two words, my right hand began turning blue, and the ...  Read More
Total Move Of God
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 28th, 2024
This past Monday, I was at Green Rock Correctional Center to preach the Service to the Pentecostal Church.  When I finished preaching, I did an Altar call and told the mem that today is the day of Salvation.  I said, “ If it is on your heart to accept your Salvation, don't wait until it's too late.”  A man raised his hand and said “I want my Salvation,”  I asked him to come forward so I could pray...  Read More
God's Protection
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 27th, 2024
Late yesterday afternoon, as I exited my vehicle from the end of a day that JT and I had the opportunity to spend with all three grandchildren and their parents, I was getting our 10-month-old granddaughter, who was in her car seat, out of the vehicle.  She was safely secured into her car seat, and as I grabbed it to carry her into the house, my foot stepped onto the edge of our driveway and slid ...  Read More
Drawing Near: Finding God's Presence and Peace in Times of Pain
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 26th, 2024
We can know things to be confirmed with our heads, but when we are hurting, and our hearts hurt, as life gets tough, we need reminders that God is present, protects us, and never leaves us.  And even more, God has promised to help us through these times.  Satan loves to use these times when we feel despair to attack us.  We need to have a way to draw near to God and fight off the fear and lies tha...  Read More
Dreaming Forward: The Healing Power of Forgiveness in Times of Grief
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 25th, 2024
It’s times when you think better days are ahead, you may find yourself saying things like, “ one day I will own a coffee shop, I’ll become a physician, I’ll take my grandchildren traveling.  When you find yourself grieving over something that was lost or taken away, you wish you could go back in time.  You dream backwards.  Grieving is nothing more than dreaming in reverse that we can somehow chan...  Read More
Finding Peace Amidst the Storm: Paul's Lessons from Romans
by Terri-Lee Clark on May 24th, 2024
When we talk about peace and what it means to live in peace we can look at the writings of Paul to the Romans.Paul didn’t write the book of Romans while he was on a peaceful vacation with people who were peaceful.  He wrote this instruction in the midst of people opposing him and situations that were filled with hardship.  One of the reasons Paul wrote his letter to the Romans is because it would ...  Read More