In The Blink Of An Eye: Forgiveness In Black and White

In The Blink Of An Eye: Forgiveness in Black & White, tragedy can change lives without warning. So was the case one warm August evening in rural southwest Virginia, when an unspeakable accident claimed the lives of Bobby and Pam Clark. But sometimes the life you live is carried on even after you die, as what happens next is an amazing story of forgiveness and healing in the wake of tragedy.
JT Clark, Bobby's brother, recounts the details on these pages of loss, forgiveness, and hope that reaches epic proportions - a true, modern-day account of what can happen when the extraordinary power of God begins moving in ordinary people.

Tragic pain and adversity are familiar in various forms to us all, and if hurt has its way, this story never gets told. But from the depths of hope springs a message of true forgiveness that will change your view of what can happen when God moves, replacing hurt and resentment with healing and freedom!