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How it all Started...

Bobby and Pam Clark were involved in a tragic accident that took their lives. An incredible set of circumstances occurred on the night of August 21, 2015 that put the truck driven by C.J. Martin and the motorcycle ridden by Bobby and Pam on paths that would cross.

Incredible, almost unbelievable, acts of love and grace were poured out immediately upon Mr. Martin and his family. A man, who had lived obediently for the majority of his life, found himself in a most devastating and horrific situation.
Beginning with an action by Robin Quesinberry, the daughter of Bobby and Pam, the Martin family were assured that the Quesinberry and Clark families were going to move on a path of forgiveness.

On October 26, 2015, Mr. Martin was summoned to court as he was charged in the accident. The Holy Spirit moved within JT Clark to go to court on behalf of Mr. Martin and pay his fine. The twists that took place in the courtroom were miraculous.
All of the things that have transpired since the night of the accident have impacted thousands of lives to date. The story continues to evolve. It is our hope that those that hear our story will know the love and forgiveness that is available from our Father in heaven.

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